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Plastic mold factory mould warehouse management

Many die mold factory warehouse management is not specification, actually Plastic mold factory mold specification of management is very important. Jiezhen mold below small make up take you together look at plastic mould warehouse management.

1, plastic mold inventory must be by: "plastic mold receipt" put in storage. Technology process card in time, product drawings, mold should have correct product number, and product right corresponding, mould according to the products, complete sets of shelves.

2, plastic mold should be accord with the requirement of mass production; Accurate, convenient and safe operation, normal feeding, accessories complete, safe and reliable, plastic mould qualified managers will form testing list and other certificate file.

3, to set up the "plastic mould parameter", "mould maintenance card". Content: the recipients, withdrawing time, quantity, maintenance records, maintenance records.

Plastic injection mold should be in accordance with the corresponding number 4, in turn, withdrawing the mold should be in the original position, the keeper should be root tree production number to quickly find the recipients of the mould.

5 and management deal with plastic mould is responsible for the accounts, CARDS, phase equilibrium. Ledger file is responsible for the warehousing, production, inventory, storage, maintenance and other mould should know; Record "mould abnormal statistics form" fill in "equipment maintenance application form" to urge die mold maintenance in a timely manner to maintenance good library.

6, plastic mold administrators responsible for storage, receiving and withdrawing mould in good condition. May not appear the phenomenon of chaos, loss, damage. Shall be carried out in strict accordance with the mould management system. Ensures that the mould is brought out from the warehouse to adapt to the mass production of qualified mold.

7, plastic mold administrator shall have the right to fails to perform the specified personnel refuse to put in storage only and formalities.

8, plastic mold administrator should actively cooperate with the workshop production, timely communication with the dispatcher, understand the production task, ready to work for a service.

If you plastic mold factory management can be put in place plastic mould warehouse management, so for the entire enterprise production process are of great help.

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