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Factors affecting the number of plastic mold cavities

Today is July 8, unknowingly to the Saturday, Dongguan Plastic mold factory friends, you still work? Today we look at the factors that affect the number of plastic mold cavity. To determine the number of mold cavity, we can consider from the following aspects:

(1) the size of plastic parts and equipment

Forming large or medium-sized plastic parts, the general use of single-cavity. This aspect is to consider, plastic filling the mold, to ensure that plastic filled cavity, on the other hand, the design of multiple cavities is large and heavy mold volume, processing more difficult. Medium and small plastic parts of the mold design of a number of cavity can be better to play the equipment and mold capacity, improve production efficiency and achieve economic production.

(2) make full use of existing equipment

Should give priority to the use of their own production resources, such as molding equipment, making production more economical.

(3) so that the accuracy of plastic parts easier to meet

In general, plastic parts precision is not high, the mold manufacturing and product molding process control requirements are lower. In this case, the number of cavities can be determined based on the capacity of the device. When the plastic parts of high precision, the cavity will make the product quality is too high to ensure that the mold processing costs are too high, the more the number of cavity, the molding process conditions for each of the consistency of the control is even worse.

(4) do not complicate the mold structure

On the shape of the more complex or high precision plastic parts, sometimes in order to increase a cavity, the mold structure will become much more complex, mold manufacturing accuracy has improved a lot, so consider the number of cavity to pay attention to economic benefits, avoid.

(5) as the plastic parts production requirements

When the plastic parts production is not large, in order to reduce costs, often designed single cavity mold. Plastic parts production volume is large or large, the mold needs to achieve the task of the corresponding capacity, so often design a number of cavity.

(6) to reduce the cost of mold manufacturing

Mold cost is a factor that constitutes the cost of the product. In order to reduce the cost of the product, the mold cost is often limited. Complex, precision plastic parts, the mold for each additional cavity, the increase in the number of processing costs is considerable.

In short, the number of factors affecting the number of more complex and complex, should take into account, should not guilty of one-sided error.

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