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What is the plastic mould of form grinding

Form grinding is the contour line on the parts break down into a straight line and arc, then according to certain order of grinding, the pattern to the technical requirements.

Form grinding according to the processing principle can be divided into:

Forming grinding wheel grinding method: 1. The grinding wheel dressing into accord with workpiece profile instead of surface profile, reoccupy grinding wheel grinding workpiece, to obtain the required size and technical requirements of the workpiece. Forming grinding wheel grinding method is the difficulty and key of grinding wheel dressing.

2. The grinding wheel finisher dressing: trim, arc grinding wheel dressing grinding wheel Angle.

3. The jig grinding method: sine precision flat pliers, sine precision magnetic clamp, universal platform, sine points.

4. The grinding wheel finishing other methods: extrusion method of forming the edge of the sword; CNC machine tool repair method; Plating method,

Form grinding process dimension conversion: the coordinates of the size between the arc center; The inclined plane or plane to rotary center vertical distance; The bevel Angle of axis; The circular arc Angle.

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