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Plastic mold factory mold repair plan management process

A set of plastic mold from the production to the final delivery to the customer, the middle part of the process often need to pass through the process, but also some of the mold has a successful, have to go through the repair model to change the mold stage. So today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory of the editor to take you to see the plastic mold factory repair mold plan management process. .

1 project in accordance with the new model plan complete test mode, project engineer according to the trial scene found problems and defects of mould product itself the mold repair problem summary, and in mold repair products clearly marked.

2 who belong to the first die, the responsible project engineer must first test in 72H leading organizations to participate in the review meeting: (General Manager), deputy chief design engineer, tooling manager (supervisor), management (process), test technicians, fitter, mold flow quality engineer. For the first time, according to the test mode review review meeting held. Usually more than 3 times the mold repair repair mode can not solve the problem, the Department of mold mold repair project received the task book tutorial review, participants: (General Manager), deputy chief design engineer, tooling manager (supervisor), management (process), test technicians, fitter, mold engineer programming.

3. Project engineer according to the product problems, combined with the relevant information requirements of ideas and solutions and customer review the repair mode, according to the "instructions" repair mode requirement clearly. Design, mold department countersign, to design and production management (electronic file), fitter, quality (electronic file). Project engineer to copy a sample to repair the mold mold repair fitter, a sample in order to keep itself mold repair after improving control. .

4 health management received the project "repair mode instructions" immediately after the "repair work plan," the preparation and arrangement. Die repair involves the corresponding responsible departments need to deal with the work plan in place to inform.

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