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Pneumatic Forming in Plastic Molds

Blink of an eye, Zhou Mu is approaching, the annual Father's Day is coming, this weekend believe that as a mold of the father or to work overtime. Today's editors for everyone to introduce the plastic mold in the aerodynamic shape is what kind of.

1) hollow blow molding: is in the plastic state of the plastic parison placed in the mold cavity, the compressed air into the parison to inflate it, so close to the cavity wall, the cooling stereotypes get a certain Shape of the hollow plastic parts processing methods.

2) Vacuum molding: the thermoplastic plate, the film fixed on the mold, with a radiant heater to heat to soften the temperature, and then use a vacuum pump to the plate and the mold between the air removed, so that the plate attached to the mold cavity forming. After cooling, the plastic parts are removed from the mold by means of compressed air.

3) Compressed air molding: is the use of compressed air pressure, the heating softening of plastic into the cavity and the molding method.

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