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The structure characteristics of side smoke class plastic moulds

Plastic mould design type to choose according to different products and different design structure, dongguan Plastic mold factory today small make up to introduce the underside of the plastic injection mold structure characteristics of the class.

(1) the core pulling distance parts is not big, but the forming area is larger, need core pulling force is bigger also

(2) the characteristics of this institution is the use of launched demoulding mechanism of thrust, drives the sliding block diagonal movement, at the same time of parts was launched demoulding, completed by the slider side parting and core pulling. As a result of the slide block good rigidity, can bear larger core pulling force, so the perspective of technoloy than the Angle of oblique guide pillar.

(3) the mould adopted the latent type gate

(4) using the original driving force of spring as the slider

(5) the port production on the technoloy

Several problems should be paid attention to when mold design:

(1) the perspective of technoloy is generally not exceed 30 °

(2) launch of technoloy length less than two-thirds of slip length, otherwise easy to effect the precision of guide slide

(3) to prevent technoloy thrust phenomenon in the process of launching

(4) the main core position should be a reasonable choice

(5) die structure must have a stop


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