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Structural Design of Molding Parts in Plastic Mold

I do not know Dongguan Plastic mold factory friends have not found, after the new years now want to recruit a mold design project is really very difficult to edit the mold factory over the years to now even the interview mold design is not a few. Today we take a look at the structural design of molded parts in plastic molds.

1. Cavity structure

         A. Integral structure, suitable for easy to shape the shape of the cavity.

         B. The overall embedded, can save mold materials, reduce costs.

         C. Local Ran inlay, for local processing more difficult when the situation.

         D. Four wall together, for large size, easy to heat deformation of the mold.

2. The structure of the core

         A. Integral, simple shape, the core and the template made into one.

         B. Modular, starting from the conservation of materials, that is, the use of shaft shield and floor connection

         C. Small core is separately machined and then embedded in the template.

         D. Non-circular small core, the installation part made of circular, easy to process, and forming part of the shape, with shaft shield connection.

         E. The combination of complex cores.


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