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Plastic mould structure includes the following sections

Small make up take today dongguan Plastic mold factory of the broad masses of friends to imagine plastic mold structure actually consists of several parts. In general, plastic mold structure includes the following sections.

(1) forming parts

Refers to a cavity, and molding plastic parts come into direct contact with the melt phase of parts. Usually have a punch, core, molding, die, molding ring, inserts, etc. In dynamic model and the closed mold. The forming parts to determine the internal and external contours and the size of the plastic parts. As shown in figure 4.1 - l mold. Mold is made up of concave board 3, punch 4 and dynamic template consisting of 12.

(2) gating system

Plastic melt lead by the injection machine nozzle cavity flow force called the gating system, by the mainstream way, distributary channel, scratched and cold material Wells.

(3) the guidance and positioning

In order to ensure the dynamic model and fixed mold closing, can accurate orientation and positioning of the. Usually, respectively on the moving die and die set guide pillar and guide sleeve. Deep cavity injection mould must also have cone positioning in the main parting surface. Sometimes the demoulding mechanism to ensure the accuracy of the motion and reset, also set the guide parts.

(4) the demoulding mechanism

Refers to the late during the process of open mould, the plastic parts from the mold out.

(5) the side parting core-pulling mechanism

With side concave or side hole of the plastic parts, before being out mould, must first side parting or pull out side punch or out side core.

(6) temperature control system

In order to meet the requirements of injection process for mold temperature. The mould is equipped with cooling or heating temperature control system. Mold cooling, general open cooling water channel in the template. Heating is install electric heating element in the mold inside or around. Some of the injection mould should be equipped with die temperature automatic adjustment device.

(7) exhaust system

In order to mold in injection molding process in the original air discharge, often open the exhaust measures the parting surface. Small displacement is small, can be directly used to exhaust parting surface. Also available chess sets plunger or gap between core and mating hole exhaust. Large special exhaust slot injection mould must be set in advance.


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