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Plastic mold injection molding production of drying equipment

Plastic mold injection molding production of drying equipment, to avoid cross contamination, drying machine and conveying system must be clean. Recommend the use of closed loop, dehumidification, circulation of hot air hopper dryer, many times to dry GE resin.

This system by replaceable filter drum drying, dry air. Correct design of the dryer and hopper, steadily to dry particles to the mould machine entrance. To hot and humid air through a contain shunt core hopper, to prevent particle and the air flow of spiral groove, if split core does not reach the designated position, may not be proper air flow and retention time of hopper.

Hopper capacity should be the measure, in order to to provide the required residence time molding resin. Mould machine feed rate per hour, for example, to 100 pounds, hopper capacity should be 400 pounds, to meet the drying time of 3 ~ 4 hours. The drying temperature should be controlled at the entrance of the hopper. Hopper at the entrance of air dew point should be - 20 ° F (- 29 ° C) to - 40 ° F (40 ° C), or less. Air quantity in materials processing 1 pound per hour, for 1 cubic feet per minute, resin processing 100 pounds per hour, the air flow should be 100 cubic feet per minute.

Most of the desiccant dryer, the air return side has a filter system, in order to help eliminate the dry bed of pollution. These filters should be check, ensure the air flow, the dryer is designed so that. Filter clogging the air flow will be reduced, which leads to the resin is not completely dry. If the resin is not dry, appropriate will sacrifice end-use performance characteristics.

If equipped with permanent dry bed dryer system, never used recently, proposed to the system in approximately 150 ° F (66 ° C), the loop is dry enough time, make all desiccant bed regeneration. According to the processed resin grades (see product component sections) data in the table suggestion value, set the drying temperature. In the drying temperature stability to the rated air flow, the use of the heat meter calibration or thermometer, check the hot air dryer entrance. In the monitor air temperature, temperature fluctuation change amount shall not exceed the recommended dry temperature of plus or minus 10 ° F (7 ° C).

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