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The design principles of plastic mold (part I)

Today, the Mid-Autumn festival holiday is almost over, Jiezhen Plastic mold factory small make up take you to see the general principle of plastic mould design, a good pair of mold is not only to guarantee in accordance with the provisions, the molding method of producing high quality plastic products, and to facilitate the mold manufacturing, mechanical processing and plastic molding operation is convenient, this is the general rule in plastic injection mold design.

1. Understand the technical requirements of plastic products:

First understand the purpose of the plastic products, usage and working requirements, for plastic products brought forward according to the figure of products shape, dimensional accuracy, surface roughness and shape tolerance for process analysis. To analyzes the geometric shapes of plastic products, wall thickness uniformity, the craft is rounded corners, the distribution of the draft and forming hole, etc., should comply with the plastic molding process requirements.

2, according to the plastic products shape, size, estimate the products size, weight, and injection of projection area, determine the mould cavity number and injection molding machine models: each injection volume is generally not exceed 80% of the injection molding machine injection quantity biggest; Selection of the injection molding machine clamping force must be greater than the mould opening force produced by cavity pressure.

3, analysis of the shape features of the plastic products, determine the mould structure design.

(1) selection of parting surface and exhaust slot factors: plastic products shape, size, and wall thickness requirements; The layout of the gating system. Plastic performance and filling conditions; Molding efficiency and operation; Exhaust and demoulding; The mould structure simple, operation reliable and convenient, easy.

(2) the choice of gating system factors to consider:

(3)And reset device  choose demoulding structure factor: after demoulding plastic deformation, thrust uniform distribution, area as large as possible, and close to the core; Plastic parts can't broken during ejection, thrust can tolerance larger place, should be in plastic such as reinforcement, convex, shell wall thickness; Try not to damage the appearance of products; Ejection mechanism should be reliable, flexible motion, easy fabrication, and change easily, etc.

In the design activities of core demoulding mechanism, must consider whether interference when clamping, if there is interference should be closed in the mold before to reset the plunger, avoid activity core impact plunger, it must contain early reset device.


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