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The basic principles of plastic moulds distributary channel design

Plastic moulds common runner system also known as the gating system and pouring system, is melting the plastic injection machine nozzle to the cavity of channel, its role is to molten state of the plastic from the introduction of the injection molding machine nozzle stable mold cavity, and in the heart of the melt filling and solidification process of the injection pressure and pressure to the plastic parts. Runner system including the mainstream way, distributary channel and the gate. Let's take a look at the basic principles of plastic mold distributary channel design.

The multi-cavity decorate, do use balance type shunt, namely to make sure every cavity distributary channel length and gate location are consistent.

1. The heat and pressure loss, flow should be shorter, section size as large as possible, try to reduce the bending, the surface roughness is low, but also want to consider the problem of consumption capacity is small.

2. The gating system should be able to capture the temperature low "cold", prevent it into the cavity, affect the quality of plastic parts.

3. The gating system should be able to guide the plastic melt smoothly with all corners of the cavity, the cavity gas discharge smoothly

4. The gating system should be able to prevent the plastic shrinkage, deformation, size deviation and other defects.

5. Sprue cutting off more convenient, does not affect the product appearance.

6. Improve the production efficiency, as far as possible, reduce after processing, plastic molding cycle is short.

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