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Plastic moulds the preparing work before test

In the production of Plastic mold factory, we manufacture plastic moulds, often need to go through debugging stage, so in the test phase what preparation work we need to do? Dongguan Jiezhen plastic mold factory below small make up take you see together:

(1) die shut height, die size together with machine tool parts, ejection forms, open mold, the mold work requirements to cope with and equipment conditions.

(2) mould part exposed acute Angle should be blunt, painting, print mould name, date of production, such as mold, mold direction marking symbols.

(3) should be around large and medium-sized mold derrick hole, the suspension loop, the moving mold clamping mechanism, to facilitate future maintenance and prevention loading mode in the process of moving die separation, cause an accident. (4) all kinds of oil, gas and water joint, cylinder, cylinder, valve, travel switch, hot runner temperature controller and other accessories, spare parts is complete.

(5) the molding parts, pouring system, such as surface should be smooth, no collapse pit and defects such as scar. Of corrosive plastic molding mold, the mold core and core parts surface should be chrome plated or manufactured with corrosion resistance of the material

(6) cooperate with clearance of the sliding parts, appropriate avoid stuck, bite. Start-stop position accurate and reliable. Embedded parts should be tightened, no looseness and reasonable structure, convenient for dismantling and maintenance.

(7) mould stability is good, have enough strength, should force uniform at work

(8) is working, move, or between two contact, touch each other pressure parts shall have the right form of confined area, under pressure, pressure can crush mold, high low pressure plastic flash phenomenon.

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