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In the plastic mold cavity parting surface is what

While, the Spring Festival have been drifting away, today is the lunar calendar January 14, tomorrow is the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival, a the Spring Festival is over, just like that. Today the dongguan Plastic mold factory, editor of take you to see what is plastic mold parting surface of the cavity.

Parting surface: separate mold can take out the plastic parts surface, known as the parting surface, the other side called separation surface or parting surface, only one injection mould parting surface.

Direction as far as possible the parting surface and injection mould is vertical, shape a plane, inclined plane, curved surface. Choose the parting surface position,

< 1 > don't usually take parting surface in adornment surface or with rounded corners

< 2 > stay in the dynamic model, plastic mold release

< 3 > will require high concentricity of concentric part put in the same side parting surface, in order to protect concentricity

< 4 > shaft core institutions should consider axial distance

< 5 > parting surface as the main exhaust surface, the parting surface in the end of the material flow.

Usually at the side of the parting surface concave die open a depth of 0.025 ~ 0.1 mm exhaust slot 1.5 ~ 6 mm wide. Also can use push rod, cavity and core blocks exhaust.

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