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Compression molding pressure in plastic mold during injection molding

Today, gossip less talk, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor directly to introduce the plastic mold injection molding process of compression molding pressure, refers to the compression press through the punch on the plastic parts in the filling cavity and curing in the sub-surface units Projection area on the pressure, referred to as forming pressure.

The purpose of applying molding pressure:

  So that the plastic filled cavity

So that the viscosity of the material under a certain pressure curing

To overcome the plastic in the molding process to produce a variety of top mold force

So that the mold closed to prevent the flash

Calculation formula:

          P =


      P - molding pressure, usually 15 ~ 30MPa

     Pb - press working hydraulic cylinder pressure (MPa)

      D - press master cylinder piston diameter (m)

Molding pressure and plastic types, plastic parts structure, mold temperature and other factors.

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