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Design of Exhaust Structure for Plastic Mold Design

Today is the consumer rights day, as a member of the vast number of consumers, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor said that the consumer rights law is completely unknown. Today we take a look at the plastic mold design exhaust structure design.

1. Harmfulness of exhaust

 hinder the normal rapid filling of plastic melt

 The heat generated by the gas compression may cause the plastic to scorch

 In the filling speed, high temperature, low viscosity of materials, injection pressure and plastic is too thick, the gas will be immersed inside the plastic parts, resulting in pores, loose tissue and other defects.

2. In-mold gas source

 There is air in the cavity and pouring system

 The plastic raw material contains water and evaporates at the injection temperature

 Plastic decomposition produces gas

 some additives in the plastic volatile or chemical reaction to generate gas

3. Outlet design points

 The exhaust tank should be located on the parting surface as far as possible and set on the die side as far as possible so as to facilitate the manufacture and cleaning of the mold.

 should be located in the end of the material and plastic parts thicker.

 The direction of the exhaust should not be directed towards the operator, and preferably in a curved shape to prevent the worker from being burned at the time of injection.

 slot width often take 1.5 ~ 6 mm, groove depth 0.02 ~ 0.05 mm, plastic does not enter the exhaust slot is appropriate.


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