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Plastic moulds used in main ingredients of the rubber

In the production of plastic mold in injection molding for all kinds of rubber, such as one of the most common rubber type ABS, PC, PVC, PP, such as rubber, so what are the ingredients of the rubber. Dongguan Plastic mold factory today editor for everybody to introduce:

A, resin

Resin is an essential part of plastic in the main ingredients, belong to high molecular compound.

Effect: make plastics has the plasticity and liquidity, and determine the type of plastic and the main performance.

Second, the filler (also called packing)

Function: 1, reducing resin content, reduce the cost of plastic, incremental effect; 2, to improve the performance of the plastic, enlarge the application range of plastic, modification of the role.

Type: according to its shape, can be divided into: powder, fibrous, layered (sheet).

Commonly used fillers are: CaCO3, clay, carbon, metal powder, etc.

Three, plasticizer,

1, function: increase plastic plastic, mobility and flexibility, improve the forming performance, reduce the rigidity and brittleness.

2, the requirement of plasticizer: good miscibility with resin and no chemical reaction; Not easy from the products of precipitation and evaporation; Don't reduce the products main performance; Avirulent and harmless, colorless, non-combustible, low cost.

Four, colorants (pigment)

1, function: mainly plays a role of beautiful decoration, but also can improve the light stability of plastics, thermal stability and weather resistance.

Five, the lubricant

1, function: to prevent the plastic stick in the process of forming die, at the same time also can improve the liquidity of the plastic and increase the degree of plastic surface gloss.

2, the commonly used lubricants are: paraffin wax, stearic acid, metal soap, lipid and alcohols, etc.

Six, stabilizers,

1, function: inhibition and to prevent the resin during processing or use of the process of degradation.

2, according to the function of stabilizer classification, can be divided into the following three: (1) heat stabilizer (2) the light stabilizer (3) the antioxidants

Seven and other additives

Antistatic agent, flame retardant agent, strengthening agent, ward off agent, foaming agent, crosslinking agent, curing agent, etc.

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