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Plastic parts structure design and tooling manufacturability considerations

Plastic molding parts refers to constitute parts of mold cavity, usually including concave die, punch, molding rod, ring, etc. Design shall, first of all, according to the requirement of plastic parts performance, the use of the overall structure of the cavity, into the water points, parting surface and exhaust parts and demoulding mode, and then according to the size parts, calculate the working dimensions molding parts. Let's know the plastic parts structure design and tooling manufacturability considerations.

1, in order to save material, make the process convenient and simple, and ensure the mold have enough life, a set of mould should have internal model. Internal model is in addition to the die set and other features of part (core and cavity, etc.), internal model on general embedded in the die set board. Cavity automatically.the generally use the following form and formwork board fixed connection, the following figure.

Blocks of fixed

(1) must be noticed when using the fixed mode on R Angle should be less than set block template R Angle, if use pin, after the closing pin a be coincidence

(2) is fixed with screw tightening: the length * width under 50 * 50 M6 screw with two hearts

Internal model in 100 * 100 or more A > 50 * 50 with four M6 screw

Internal model in 200 * 200 A > 100 * 100 or higher with 4 M8 screw

Internal model in 300 * 300 A > 200 * 200 or higher with 4-6 M10 screws

Internal model in A > 300 * 300 with 4 to 8 M12 bolts

2, mold processing and shaping power, can make the more complex Mosaic structure to make the overall structure, but to pay attention to the smallest of molding rounded corners and roughness

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