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The use of needle point gate in the design of plastic moulds

Melt fluidity better material or projection the molded products with larger area or side there shall not be molded products of gate trace, all use this kind of gate, its advantage is when the material through the gate, because of friction heating phenomenon make the material and mold temperature rise and pack easily. Shown in the following tutu.

Pinpoint gate

The size of the gate, the original is in 0.6 ㎜ ~ 0.8 ㎜ trial diameter, then in accordance with the actual situation for appropriate adjustments and increase. If gate diameter greater than 1.5 ㎜ will produce a filling and appearance of faults and the gate is not easy to remove, cause trouble. Therefore large molded products to use more pinpoint gate is advisable. Port corner part should be made of the arc shape to reduce the flow resistance of materials.


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