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Selection of gate location for injection mold

In plastic mold die design, the location and size of gate is strict, after the preliminary test also need to further modify the gate size, no matter adopt what kind of gate, open position on the plastic molding performance and its impact on the quality, so the rational selection of open gate position is an important link in improving quality, at the same time different gate location of mold structure. In short to make plastic parts with good performance and appearance, must seriously consider the selection of the gate location, usually want to consider the following principles:

1. Try to shorten the travel distance.

2. The gate should be open in the plastic parts maximize wall thickness.

3. Must try to reduce the weld marks.

4. Should be conducive to discharge gas in the cavity.

5. Considering the molecular orientation effect.

6. Avoid to produce injection and peristalsis.

7. Gate to avoid bending and impact load.

8. Pay attention to the influence of the appearance quality.

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