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The method to deal with the wave rhyolitic plastic mold

Plastic mold in the production process, has the following two reasons: due to wave rhyolite began cooling into the resin curing mold; the mold temperature is too low. Here we take a look at the way to deal with the wave of rhyolitic plastic mold.

In the nozzle, cooling the resin into the mold cavity while taking in in the semi solidified state, together with the die contact immediately curing, and then enter the depth of cavity and the formation of the wave flow. Because of the different thickness of products are also prone to wave flow.

Coping ways:

1 raise the barrel temperature and raise the mold temperature;

2 improve the mold finish;

3 material to good mobility.

And by the way, good material flow is not easy to form polystyrene causes wave wave rhyolite, rhyolite is still not very clear.

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