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Plastic mould people must understand the general properties of the plastic

As staff engaged in the plastic mold industry, we must to know his field, so today let's take a look at the I plastic mould people must understand the general properties of the plastic.

1, good performance of plastic

(1) the density is small, light weight, higher than strength and stiffness than

(2) a variety of excellent mechanical properties

(3) good resistance to chemical action

(4) electrical insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation performance is good

(5) forming and coloring ability is good

(6) processing performance is good

(7) good self-lubrication

2, the shortage of the plastic performance

(1) low mechanical strength

(2) low dimensional accuracy

(3) the heat temperature is low

In addition, the high temperature easy degradation and aging; Thermal conductive performance is poorer; Hygroscopicity big, prone to hydrolyze aging; Life is short.

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