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What is a plastic mold - particularly introduces weaving before National Day

In the coming National Day, jie vibration mould small make up specially offer plastic mold profile, you know about plastic mould industry is not very understanding friend.

Mold injection molding is some complex shape parts used when mass production of a processing method. Specific principle refers to: will be heated to melt the plastic raw material by injection molding machine screw propulsion high-pressure injection plastic mould cavity, after cooling solidification, plastic forming products.

Plastic mold consists of two parts, dynamic model and fixed model, dynamic model is installed on the movement of the injection molding machine templates, set module is installed on the injection moulding machine fixed template. Dynamic model in injection molding and mold closing a gating system and the cavity, cavity when moving die and die separation in order to take out the plastic products.

Structure though due to plastic varieties and properties of the plastic mould, the shape and structure of the plastic products and the type of injection machine and so on different and might go, but the basic structure is the same.

Note: the above information by dongguan Plastic mold factory to sort out on the Internet, welcome to reprint, indicate the source! Small make up in this, I wish every friend have a happy National Day holiday.


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