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Treatment method for cavitation of plastic mould products

Plastic mold products produced in the production process of cavitation causes: lack of pressure in the mold; due to moisture and volatility in the material: the thickness of the product is too large and uneven. Here we look at the treatment of plastic mold products cavitation.

Cavitation (bubble, air hole) for the same reasons as dent. The so-called cavitation, the material from the surface of the mold began to solidify, the entire volume of the mold is concerned, the material is relatively inadequate, due to this reason produced a vacuum state of the hole. General and local injection of WIP thick material export department. Transparent products, cavitation is a problem, the situation is not transparent products, the use of the obstacles, there are products are not to see. Due to moisture and volatile matter produced by cavitation, generally speaking, all parts of the diffusion into the product, the shape of the cavitation is generally small.


1 instant: improve the injection pressure, prolong the injection time, due to moisture and volatile time, fully dry materials, as well as to reduce the temperature of the heating barrel.

2 short term: injection material, flow side, gate properly expanded.

3 long term: eliminate products too thick.

4 after taking out the product let it slowly cooling is better.

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