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The role of reinforcing ribs in plastic molds

Today is August 2nd. In the blink of an eye, many editors of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory have not updated the website information for everyone. I don't know if friends in the plastic mold industry have found that the overall business has not been so busy in the recent period. Maybe it's just editing my factory. Ok, it’s not awkward. Today, we will introduce the role of reinforcing ribs in plastic molds.

Reinforcing ribs are an indispensable part of the plastic part. The ribs effectively increase the rigidity and strength of the product like the "work" iron without significantly increasing the cut surface area of the product, but there is no shape problem that is difficult to form due to the "work" iron, and some are often subjected to pressure and torque. Curved plastic products are especially suitable. In addition, the ribs act as internal flow passages, which help the cavity fill and play a large role in helping the plastics flow into the part of the part.

The ribs are generally placed on the non-contact surface of the plastic product. The direction of extension should follow the direction of the maximum stress and maximum offset of the product. The position of the ribs is also subject to some production considerations, such as cavity filling and shrinkage. Demoulding, etc. The length of the rib can be the same as the length of the product, and the two ends meet the outer wall of the product, or only occupy the length of the product part, to locally increase the rigidity of a part of the product. If the ribs are not attached to the outer wall of the product, the end portion should not be abruptly terminated. The height should be gradually reduced until the end is completed, thereby reducing problems such as gas trapping, filling dissatisfaction and burnt marks. These problems often occur in Insufficient exhaust or closed position. Moreover, because of the problem of shrinkage, the thickness of the bones cannot be greater than the thickness of the average wall thickness.

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