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The effect of plastic moulds strengthening rib and design key points

Plastic moulds strengthening rib is due to the general thin shell, in order to improve the strength, adhesive some beam behind, in order to improve strength. Plastic injection mold function and design key points of strengthening rib so what? Jiezhen mold below small make up to explain one by one to you.

First, the role of the strengthening rib

(1) under the condition of don't increase the product thickness, enhance the strength of products and rigid, in order to reduce weight, reduce the cost

(2) can overcome the uneven products wall thickness difference of stress distortion caused by the products.

(3) to facilitate the flow of the plastic, the products of certain thickness too thin for the melt filled channel.

Second, the design points of the strengthening rib

(1) as far as possible with low height, a bit more number of rib height higher single stiffening rib instead. To avoid the rib on the back of a depressed and affect the appearance, can use the adornment such as groove structure whitewash.

(2) the rib root with circular arc transition, when the external force to avoid stress concentration and damage, but the rounded shoulds not be too large, otherwise prone to depression.

(3) are usually not install any parts on rib.

(4) the products within convex platform don't stand too close to wall, in order to avoid local convex insufficient packing.

(5) strengthening rib should try to increase the products rigid, prevent deformation.

Note: the above information by dongguan jiezhen Plastic mold factory small make up on the Internet, welcome to reprint, indicate the source!


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