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Know how much theory of plastic moulds

Engaged in the plastic mould of colleagues, plastic mold believe you can do it, but what do you know the basic theory of plastic moulds? Jiezhen mold below small make up to imagine plastic moulds basic theoretical knowledge.

Process: in the process of mold production, raw materials into finished products or semi-finished products is directly related to the process.

Mould machining process: (cutting and grinding) by using the method of machining process of finished product.

Process: refers to one or a group of workers that work in a fixed location, for the same or processing for the several artifacts for completion of that part of the process. Process is the basic unit of process.

Positioning: the workpiece machining on the machine before the correct position.

The clamping: will the correct position of the workpiece clamping process.

Installation: after a clamping workpiece has done that part of the process.

Step work: on the basis of the surface and the machining tool, for completion by the part of a process.

Decided to work in step two factors: machining surface and the machining tools.

Composite work step: use a few knife or using composite cutting tools, processing the same workpiece on the surface at the same time.

Feed (feed) : tool from the processed surface every cut a metal layer is called the feed (feed). The minimum unit of feed is a process.

Production platform: enterprise during the plan period should the products quantity (annual) and schedule.

Production type: classification of the degree of specialization enterprise production, mold manufacturing can be divided into three types: single production, batch production, mass production.

Components for process planning: product or manufacturing process and operation method of process files.

Procedure: 1, the direct production of important technical documents; 2, the basic foundation of production organization and management; 3, the basic data of construction or expansion of the factory or workshop.

Ok, plastic moulds the basic theoretical knowledge of imagination here temporarily, hope the broad masses of Plastic mold factory tongren, exquisite craft, not only theory and leverage.

Note: the above information is dongguan jiezhen plastic mold factory to sort out on the Internet, welcome to reprint, indicate the source!


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