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Design principles for the introduction of plastic molds

Dragon Boat Festival holiday just finished, Dongguan Plastic mold factory friends, you have a good holiday? Anyway, the day before the Dragon Boat Festival is over the night. Well, today we introduce the plastic mold in the introduction of institutional design principles.

1, the introduction of institutional design principles

The launch mechanism should be provided on the side of the movable die: the actuation of the pushing mechanism is driven by the ejector bar. So in general, the launch mechanism is located on the side of the dynamic mode. For this reason, in the sub-surface design should try to make plastic parts can stay in the dynamic mode side.

To ensure that the plastic parts are not due to the deformation and damage: the design should be carefully analyzed plastic parts of the mold tightening force and the size of the appropriate choice of the introduction of the way and the introduction of the location.

The mechanism is simple and reliable: the mechanism itself has enough strength, stiffness and hardness to withstand the launch of the various forces in the process to ensure that the plastic parts successfully stripped.

Good plastic appearance: the introduction of plastic parts should be located in the plastic parts of the internal, so as not to introduce traces of plastic parts appearance quality.

Correct reset when clamping: Ensure that it does not interfere with other mold parts.

2, the introduction of force (stripping force) calculation

1) to introduce the composition of force

① to overcome the tightening force generated by the friction;

② to overcome the atmospheric pressure (especially the blind hole of the tube, shell plastic parts).

③ to overcome the friction of the body itself movement

Note: the moment to start stripping to overcome the resistance to the largest

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