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What is the role of the mold clamping device in plastic molds?

Engaged in the plastic mold industry, the majority of my colleagues, I believe we all understand the plastic mold in the mold-oriented device, then the plastic mold in the role of mold-oriented device is what? Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor with everyone to see.

The role of the clamping device is:

1 guide: When the dynamic mode and die or die and die mold, the first is to guide the introduction of parts, guide moving, fixed or upper and lower mold accurate mold, to avoid the core into the die may cause the core Or die damage. In the launch mechanism, the guide part ensures that the plunger is oriented (especially the elongated rod) to avoid breaking, deforming or abrasion of the push rod during the launch.

2. Positioning: to ensure that the dynamic, fixed or the upper and lower mold clamping position of the correctness to ensure that the mold cavity shape and size of the accuracy, so as to ensure the accuracy of plastic parts.

3. Bear a certain lateral pressure to ensure that the mold work properly.

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