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The basic properties of ABS plastic used in plastic molds

Today is June 15, unknowingly went to the month, and soon the end of the month is coming, Dongguan Plastic mold factory friends, I believe that this time everyone's orders are quite adequate is it Today, we introduce the plastic mold used in the basic characteristics of ABS plastic.

ABS is acrylonitrile, butadiene, styrene three kinds of monomer copolymer, cheap, easy to obtain raw materials, is the largest output, one of the most widely used engineering plastics. ABS non-toxic, tasteless, for the slightly yellow or white opaque aggregates, forming plastic parts have a better luster, the density of 1.02 ~ 1.05 g / cm3.

ABS is composed of three components, so it has three components of the comprehensive mechanical properties, and each component plays an inherent role in which. Acrylonitrile gives ABS a good surface hardness, heat resistance and chemical resistance, butadiene makes ABS tough, styrene makes it excellent molding processability and coloring performance.

ABS heat distortion temperature than polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, nylon and so on are high, good dimensional stability, with a certain chemical stability and good dielectric properties, after color can be dubbed any color. The disadvantage is the heat resistance is not high, continuous working temperature of about 70 ℃, heat distortion temperature of about 93 ℃ or so. Opaque, poor weather resistance, in the role of ultraviolet light easily crisp and crisp.

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