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Plastic mold in the size of plastic parts

Plastic mold size of the plastic parts refers to the overall size of plastic parts, the size of plastic parts by the following two factors: plastic mobility (large and thin plastic parts filling difficult); equipment capacity (injection volume, Clamping force, work surface).

The accuracy of the plastic parts: the dimensional accuracy of the plastic parts is the size of the plastic parts obtained and the size of the product in line with the degree, that is, the accuracy of plastic parts size.

Factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts:

(1) mold manufacturing accuracy, wear and installation error

(2) fluctuations in plastic shrinkage and molding process conditions change

(3) plastic parts after forming the aging changes

Determination of dimensional accuracy:

(1) for the plastic hole on the hole can be used to select the reference hole, the table in the table with the value of (+) number;

For the upper axis of the plastic parts of the tolerance can be used to take the reference axis, the table in the form of numerical (-) number.

(2) the general fit with some of the dimensional accuracy of non-matching part of the dimensional accuracy.

(3) mold size accuracy than the plastic pieces of high dimensional accuracy 2-3.

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