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Note on the application of hot runner system in plastic mould factory

In the design and manufacture of plastic mold, some of the mold is necessary to use hot runner system, then the use of the flow channel which should pay attention to the place? Dongguan Jiezhen Plastic mold factory for the majority of the plastic mold of the colleagues to tell the attention of hot runner system.
1 channels should be heated by external, and in the design to consider the elimination of hot spots (that is, 4 heaters placed symmetrically around the flow channel).
2 for the manifold to be properly heated, a minimum of 50 watts per cubic inch of steel should be used, and the heater should be evenly distributed over the manifold.
3 manifold channel should be minimum of 0.50 inches (12.7 mm). Large and long flow length of the workpiece with a larger diameter.
4 each channel should be designed to flow line, there is no material to die and degradation of the dead. Where there is a convex end plug.
5 the proposed voltage proportional temperature control is used to keep the temperature consistent.
6 note mouth should be short and straight, more than 6 inches long mouth, should be set up two temperature control area.
7 and the discharge pipe joint manifold shunt, and the clamping plate should be properly insulated. A 0.03 inch (0.79 mm) air gap between the two, so that the metal surface is connected to the minimum, while the use of stainless steel or titanium metal support pad.
The 8 injection nozzle should have an external heater, and at least extend to reach or exceed the minimum die.
9 for each nozzle should be independent of the sealing ring controller.
10 the resin melt temperature in the manifold and the feeding tube should be the same as the melt temperature in the barrel.
11 heat insulated runner system is not suitable for engineering thermoplastic resin.
12 for ULTEM resin, because the inherent die zone will make parts produce stripes, therefore, to be clear which special valve gate hot runner system.
More attention to the hot runner system, I hope to help the majority of my colleagues in the plastic mold industry.

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