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Plastic mold of the content of the project management in the design and manufacture of data compilation

Salesman in plastic mould project management process and manufacturing dept to design and manufacture of the relevant data is complete the following:

A, rubber grades, shrinkage, color (check 2 d figure for this information)

B, die standard parts brand (English standard, American guests usually use american-made DME beauty, European visitors use Hasco standard metric system)

Whether the guest provide C, beer machine data.

D, into the water position (check the 2 D figure)

E, the size of the product control (check the presence of 2 d figure, alert manufacturing change product all tolerance dimensions to the median or keep safe steel material, especially under only on tolerance and the size of the tolerance)

F, presence of customer requirement specification, if there is no guest mold specifications, please send guests sen jun mould specification (table Numbers for SJ - E - 002) if the guest is not standard, please follow the company mold design standard.

G, product appearance quality requirements (check the mold specification and 2 d figure) H, evaluate the guest 3 d and 2 d figure, check whether common product problems, such as (die Angle, torque, shrinkage, steel material, thin plastic etc) appeal if the information is incomplete or needs to improve the product design, project engineer need within 2 business days of receipt of the PO with the customer communication to improve the required information.


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