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In the production of plastic mould for improvement of the labor productivity is what

Labor productivity is to point to in a unit time the number of the production of qualified products, or used to labor time required for the production of single qualified products. There is a close relationship between Labour productivity and machining efficiency, which in the plastic mold production, to improve labor productivity, is to improve the enterprise economic benefit, the important measure to reduce the mould cost. In production, improve labor productivity approach is:

1. Simplified the mould structure design

(1) on the premise of meet the product quality, as far as possible to simplify the mould structure design, the structure of the mould size to reduce as far as possible, to be light in weight, and its shape to facilitate processing, raw material consumption.

(2) the mold design as far as possible to achieve standardization, seriation, generalization and use the standard parts, to shorten the tooling manufacturing cycle and reduce the production cost.

(3) technology design should pay attention to mold components, its dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirement to reasonable, in order to reduce unnecessary auxiliary processing sequence and reduce the workload in the process of machining and assembly.

2. Improve the manufacturing quality of blank

When preparing blank, try to make the blank shape and size close to the shape and dimension, in order to reduce machining allowance, reduce consumption of raw materials and the processing time.

3. The new processing technology and processing method

When compiling procedure, parts processing according to the concrete conditions of the factory equipment to try to adopt new techniques, new methods, strive to make the processing technology that is both reasonable and economical. In the factory of conditional, as much as possible by electric processing equipment to replace the heavy manual labor.

4. Other ways

(1) to strengthen professional training, and constantly improve the technical level and quality of the workers.

(2) to improve the production organization form to strengthen scientific management, make the production work, civilized production, gradually achieve scientific management and modern enterprise, promote the improvement of labor productivity.


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