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The first factor influencing the machinability of the material in plastic mold processing

Saying that May Day Labor Day has been back to leave for two days, and today again to Wednesday, you may find the editor of Dongguan Plastic mold factory why not update the article in the Labor Day it. Yes, Labor Day, of course, have a break to rest. Today, we take a look at the plastic mold processing materials affect the machinability of the primary factors.

The chemical composition of steel is important. The higher the alloy composition of steel, the more difficult to process. When the carbon content increases, the metal cutting performance decreases.

The structure of the steel is also very important for metal cutting performance. Different structures include: forged, cast, extruded, rolled and machined. Forging and casting are very difficult to process the surface.

Hardness is an important factor affecting the metal cutting performance. The general rule is that steel is harder and harder to process. High speed steel (HSS) can be used to process materials with a hardness of up to 330-400 HB; high speed steel + titanium nitride (TiN) coating for machinable materials up to 45 HRC; for materials with hardness of 65-70 HRC , Must use carbide, ceramic, cermet and cubic boron nitride (CBN).

Non-metallic inclusions generally have an adverse effect on tool life. Such as Al2O3 (alumina), which is pure ceramic, has a strong abrasive.

The last one is the residual stress, which can cause metal cutting performance problems. It is often recommended to perform a stress relief process after roughing.

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