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Plastic mould in the test mould is what

Plastic mold in the mold industry, we often can hear, but test plastic mold you heard no? Plastic mould in the test mould is what?

Test mould also called soft mould and low cost mold is very valuable, they provide pre-production parts, meet the demand of market research, manufacture, assembly, and important performance related to the size of the; Or give designers a chance to assess some uncommon function. All casting and plating processing, need a mold, can be copied exactly test the mould quality and durability, and depends on the processing procedure. 

Some mold production is less than 100 pieces, and other mold may be as high as several dry piece, what with what method, determining factor should be the project cost and time. From the test mould can also get some important molding material, can be used in the production of formal mould later. However, as a result of the test mould thermal properties and other properties are often different from the production mold, so should not expect the processing parameters and performance parts, are in complete accord with the actual situation in production.

My dear friends, you now know what is the test mould for plastic moulds.

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