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Simple introduction of the basic structure of injection mold

Today is a big NianChuJiu, Plastic mold factory has a lot of busy work, also have a lot of plastic mould from personnel of course of study is on his way back to hot water. Spent the Spring Festival festival holiday, believe that most of the friends will have more or less holiday syndrome. No matter how the work goes on, life goes on. Edit today to bring us a simple introduction of the basic structure of injection mold.

The basic structure of injection mould according to different classification of part of the work:

< a > gating system

Direct plastic by injection machine nozzle cavity channel gating system, its by the mainstream way, distributary channel, gate, slag hole structure, such as by casting parts, pull rod, etc.

< 2 > molding parts

Is directly constitute the plastic parts, various parts of the size and shape by the core (internal shape molding plastic parts), cavity (molding plastic external shape), forming, lever block, etc.

< 3 > structure parts

Constitute parts of the structure of the various parts, in the mold in the installation, guide, organization action and temperature etc.

Oriented parts: guide pin, guide sleeve.

Assembly parts: localization gap, mold plate, templates, template, mold plate, mold

Cooling heating system

According to their motion characteristics can be divided into two parts:

Fixed mold parts: in part on the mold base on template,

Moving mould parts: along with the injection of maneuvering template parts

Using the mould parts and mold part is then can form a closed cavity and gating system

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