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The location of the gates in the plastic mold should be noted

Today went to the Sunday, Dongguan Plastic mold factory friends, you are fighting in the workplace, or in the leisure through the weekend, anyway, I am non-stop editing for everyone to update the article. Today to introduce the plastic mold in the gate position should be noted that the place.

General gate position on the quality of a great impact on the selection should pay attention to the following points:

1. To prevent the melt fracture in the plastic parts on the defects

2. Consider the effect of molecular orientation on the properties of the plastic parts

3. conducive to flow, exhaust and fill

4. In the multi-cavity mold, the orientation of each cavity must be consistent

5. Reduce the weld marks and improve the strength of the weld marks

6. Check the flow distance ratio

7. Gate position should make the gate easy to dress

8. Prevent the material from distorting the core or insert

The above is the plastic mold gate location choice should pay attention to the place, the majority of mold colleagues in the choice of mold gate position must be carefully selected, taking into account a variety of factors, so that the production of the product to bring great convenience.

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