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Design of the position of the plastic mould

In the midst of the plastic mold design a side core pulling structure, in the production process, the structure of the movement direction of the opening direction is not consistent, need to design the corresponding mechanism to constrain the movement, it will increase the complexity of the mold structure, increase a certain degree of difficulty to design and manufacture.
     The design of these structures should pay attention to the following aspects:

First of all, the design for the parting line of products to customers to consider; line travel should be greater than the maximum depth of 3-5mm for buckling; the movement should be smooth; for T groove is usually designed to insert structure, and hardened (with line hardness difference of about 5HRC, the for the export requirements); effective cooperation mode for a T slot to the height of more than 2/3 (at least for a height of not less than 1/2), between the seat and the strip with preferred H7/f6; for a larger increase, guide to ensure the stability of its movement.

For a seat at the bottom and shovel and seat contact surface to design lumps (export mold requirements); mold surface sealing glue in the selection process to transport water distribution; Half line to design a model for a bit; before the order to design the mold opening and closing mechanism control; Half mode before the line to die after design of the auxiliary mechanism of oblique guide pillar operation; slope is generally between 10 ~25 degrees, the size can be selected (Phi Phi 12, Phi 16 (1/2) 5/8 "), phi (phi 20, Phi 25 (3/4) with 1") etc..

As for a large power requirements can be used when the oblique T groove; between the oblique guide pin and hole generally avoid empty 1mm/side; for a seat with aspect ratio larger than 2/3; when the cylinder, pumping, general selection of standard cylinder, and the trip to be greater than the maximum buckling depth of about 10~20mm, external oil a cylinder seat positioning accuracy is stable, in the design of the movable block and the cylinder shaft between a seat assembly, in order to.

In order to ensure that the act can bear larger injection pressure; for a shovel Machine General requirements designed to be strong; positioning shovel machine must be strictly (with the A board with the selection of H > M6), with depth more than 10mm, with the A surface and the thinnest plate edge is larger than 20mm; for a shovel and backhoe to design requirements increase the bearing capacity; with the shovel and a surface inclination is greater than the oblique guide angle of 2 DEG ~3 DEG.

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