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Magnetic abrasive polishing of plastic mould

In front of a few articles have introduced several methods of plastic mold polishing, today we are going to look at magnetic abrasive polishing, magnetic abrasive polishing is the use of magnetic abrasive in the magnetic field is formed under the action of abrasive brush, grinding of workpiece. This method is of high efficiency, good quality, processing condition easy to control, good working conditions. Using appropriate grinding, the surface roughness can achieve Ra0.1 microns.

In the plastic mold processing of polishing and other industries in the required surface polishing is very different, strictly speaking, the mould polishing should be referred to as the mirror processing. It not only have high request for polishing itself and the surface roughness, smoothness and geometric accuracy also has a high standard. Surface polishing typically demand the polished surface. Mirror processing standard is divided into four levels: AO = Ra0.008 microns, A1 = Ra0.016 microns, A3 = Ra0.032 microns, A4 = Ra0.063 microns, such as electrolytic polishing, fluid polishing methods are difficult to control parts of geometry accuracy, precision and chemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, magnetic abrasive polishing methods, such as surface quality can not meet the requirements, so the precision mould mirror processing is given priority to with mechanical polishing.

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