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What is a plastic mold ultrasonic processing

Today under the small make up to introduce the plastic mold ultrasonic machining method, ultrasonic machining tool head of more than 16000 hz is the use of vibration frequency, by suspending liquid abrasive for forming a kind of method of workpiece. Plastic mold the characteristics of ultrasonic machining method is as follows:

1. Particularly suitable for processing all kinds of hard brittle materials, semiconductor processing, nonconductive hard brittle materials, such as glass, quartz, gem, germanium and silicon even diamond, etc.

2. The tool material request is not high, but the toughness is better.

3. Don't need to make the tool and workpiece as the relative motion of the complex.

4. Surface macroscopic cutting force is small, heat cutting are also small, does not cause deformation and burns, Ra can reach 0.8 ~ 0.1 microns, machining precision can reach 0.05 ~ 0.02 mm5 productivity is low. Applied to the model (cavity) hole machining, cutting, cleaning, welding, etc.


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