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Method for the production of paste of plastic products in the production process

Plastic mold products will often encounter a variety of problems in the production process, some are common, some are not common, the resulting paste spot is one of the most common reasons for not problems, pastespot is generally not sufficient because of air overflow.

The residual gas in the mold is compressed into a high temperature state, then the material is burnt. Gas overflow is not sufficient and the air is closed to produce weld marks. Inadequate gas exhaust will also result in the lack of products. Material shortage is generally determined by the shape of the mold and the mobility of the material. When the forming conditions are set, the conditions of forming should be set in the direction of material flow, that is to raise the temperature of the mold, the temperature of the barrel, and raise the speed of the injection and the injection pressure. Type of cavity in the exhaust through the design is not good, causing the mold inside the air is difficult to escape, in addition to causing products missing material, or cause product paste and fusion mark of the cause.


1 instant: reduce the injection speed;

2 short: open air overflow tank, additional air overflow pin;

3 long term: mold using easy to air overflow insert block structure;

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