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Plastic mold factory production management should begin from the details

Known, the Plastic mold factory production field management is a big problem in the current enterprise management, if we can start from details, perhaps can solve this problem step by step.

Plastic mold production site, the first is to make sure that the distinction between supplies and need and do not need tools, need also to distinguish which is commonly used, which is not often. Stuff you don't need to clean up in time, lest the next time something confusion.

Secondly to clean up, clean up is to need to put good to make anyone can easily find items. Such as milling machine to use the knife has a variety of different specifications, must distinguish good, makes users easily can find want cutting tools. Small make up is often see many technicians or teachers to use a knife often scour the whole workshop also can not find to use the knife, it is a waste of a lot of manpower and material resources and time.

Then is to clean, maintain clean is to ensure that the whole workshop and so clean clean work area. Many mold factory workshop site, the first year impression to the person is considered, and the natural environment can make people work efficiency is not high.

Finally, there is clean, clean all the dirt in the workplace, but also avoid the dirt again. The workshop should arrange someone to clean workshop environment every day. Small make up have also spent some time at the scene of the workshop, found work to clean up the workshop site personnel urban casual playacting, few earnestly implement in place, so the details must be done well.

Above is the small make up for everybody finishing plastic mold factory production management details, pure dry goods, is a small make up according to their own experiences and observations. Each mold factory managers to take action

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