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Plastic mold factory director responsibility

As a Plastic mold factory director should have what skills, what are plastic mold factory director responsibility, let's take a look at.

Work experience: a mold factory management related above 8 years working experience. Professional knowledge: mechanical specialty, mould. Ability quality: strong compressive ability, strong innovation ability, good physical quality. Computer operation, familiar with computer office software. English: general. Job skill: familiar with mould design, product design related work process. Other requirements: good communication ability, executive ability, team work spirit, and ability of organization. Post the required training: mold, process regulations, cap products of the company.

Responsibility as follows:

1. Responsible for mold factory overall work and set up the annual plan and monthly plan;

2. Responsible for implementing the company regulations, construction mold factory, formulate development planning and overall goal;

3. Responsible for supervise and urge the mould department, engineering department related work; And to organize the formulation of the mold production standards;

4. Be responsible for the examination and approval mould processing costs, and to determine the price of mold production;

5. Responsible for mould processing outsourcing vendor evaluation;

6. Be responsible for the supervision and mold factory quality control, efficiency, material loss and so on work;

7. To be responsible for the relevant technical personnel's training work;

8. Responsible for checking mold factory machinery and equipment configuration of technology assessment;

9. Complete all the tasks assigned by the company; And ensure the complete schedule and quality.

10. Complete the relevant work assigned by the company leadership.

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