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A simple introduction plastic moulds inclined top institutions

From the end of the National Day the long vacation in less than two days, while others are still immersed in the highway playing badminton, go to the zoo to visit animals, Jiezhen small make up of Plastic mold factory is still in the mould industry friends offer plastic moulds simple introduction inclined top institutions.

In rubber pieces have indented, and convenient inclined bumps out, must make the bumps. Don't more than 12 degrees inclined top Angle, usually take around 8 degrees, diagram below.

1) inclined top nearly adhesive side, must be greater than 6 mm cooperation, and make a platform, in order to avoid inclined top when we do the injection compression and moving.

(2) the inclined roof top to above glue a 0.05-0.10 mm, in order to avoid scratch when out.

(3) must be inclined top surface nitriding, in order to enhance the wear resistance.

(4) at the bottom of the inclined top pin and sliding sleeve must quenching (HRC50-52), in order to avoid wear and tear.

   Plastic moulds inclined top institutions   Plastic moulds inclined top institutions

In inclined top is longer, and thin, and tilt Angle is larger, usually adopt above is shown in the picture on the right to shorten the inclined top method, in order to improve the life.

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