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Effect of plastic mould on plastic products

The majority of my colleagues in the Plastic mold factory should have a direct impact on the quality of plastic products. Why say so, today, Dongguan plastic mold factory to bring everyone to see the editor.

 1.important effects of mould cavity shape, size, surface roughness partingsurface into the gate and vent location and demoulding mode on the workpiece size and shape precision and hard physical performance, mechanical properties, electrical properties, internal stress, isotropic, appearance quality, surface finish, bubble, dent, char and silver patterns etc..

2. in the process of plastic processing, the structure of the mold has a great influence on the operation difficulty. In the mass production of plastic products, should minimize the mold clamping, and take part in the process of manual labor, this is often the automatic clamping and automatic ejection mechanism. In full automatic production, but also to ensure that the products can automatically fall off from the mold.

3.mold on the cost of plastic products also have considerable influence. In addition to simple mold, in general, the mold is very expensive, a good injection mold can produce more than one million products, the mold can produce about two hundred and fifty thousand. When the volume is not large, the cost of the mold will be a large proportion of the cost, then the structure should be as simple and reasonable as possible to reduce the cost of mold.

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