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Injection molding process conditions of PA6 in plastic mold injection

Today is the Teacher's Day on September 10th, 19th. The editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory wishes all teachers a happy holiday here, and thanks the teachers for their hard work to nurture generations of students. In the plastic mold industry, there are also teachers who preach the profession, but in our industry, we are not called teachers, but we are called masters. Today, we will introduce the injection molding process conditions of PA6 in plastic mold injection.

1. Drying treatment: Since PA6 absorbs water easily, special attention should be paid to drying before processing. If the material is supplied in a waterproof material, the container should be kept closed. If the humidity is greater than 0.2%, it is recommended to dry in hot air above 80C for 16 hours. If the material has been exposed to air for more than 8 hours, it is recommended to perform vacuum drying at 105 C for more than 8 hours.

2. Melting temperature: 230~280C, 250~280C for enhanced varieties.

3. Mold temperature: 80~90C. The mold temperature significantly affects the crystallinity, which in turn affects the mechanical properties of the part. Crystallinity is important for structural components, so it is recommended that the mold temperature be 80~90C. For thin-walled, longer-flowing parts, it is also recommended to apply higher mold temperatures. Increasing the mold temperature increases the strength and stiffness of the part, but reduces the toughness. If the wall thickness is greater than 3mm, it is recommended to use a low temperature mold of 20~40C. For glass reinforcement the mold temperature should be greater than 80C.

4. Injection pressure: generally between 750~1250bar (depending on material and product design).

5. Injection speed: high speed (slightly lower for reinforced materials).

6. Runner and gate: Since the solidification time of PA6 is very short, the position of the gate is very important. The gate aperture should not be less than 0.5*t (where t is the thickness of the plastic part). If a hot runner is used, the gate size should be smaller than with a conventional runner because the hot runner can help prevent premature solidification of the material. If a submerged gate is used, the minimum diameter of the gate should be 0.75 mm.

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