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What is injection mold of kneading screw

What is injection mold of kneading screw, Jiezheng mould today editor with everyone take a look at.

The working principle of the so-called sexual screw kneading was sent to deposit check flow into the groove of the material, next to the advection to flow channel, you must pass by kneading of the outer ring of thread and heat between the cylinder wall, formation of the narrow gap and material brings to the shearing action at this moment, through the kneading and shearing action, from flows into the gully flows into the flow on both sides of the material.

Kneading screw of the mother effect to improve the color and the color of pigment dispersion, and the plating on ABS material is tightness, moreover, can be evenly by kneading state, temperature uniformity in material goods, can small internal stress, in order to improve the luster of the products, prolong the material flow distance, etc.

Above is the kneading screw, injection mould, ladies and gentlemen in the mold industry friends can see.

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