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Method of automatic shedding of pouring system in plastic mold injection molding

Today is October 22, because the editor last week for a week's holiday, so the site has not been updated for a long time. Today is Sunday, the editor I also non-stop to update the plastic mold injection molding system in the pouring system automatically off the method.

1. The use of side concave pull-off point gating design idea is to drill a diagonal hole at the end of the shunt, open mold pouring system condensate by the oblique hole in the condensation of plastic restrictions in the pouring and plastic parts off, and then There is the main runner cold material hole inverted cone hook pouring system condensate from the oblique hole, and then by the center of the top of the pouring system pouring condensate system.

2. Use the pull rod to pull off the point of the gate pouring material mold when the pouring system in the gate out and pouring system to cut off and stay in the fixed side, with a certain distance after the distance from the pull rod drive channel push plate Will note that the system condensate material turned down. Continue to open mode, the cavity plate by the distance from the rod can not move, the plastic parts follow the mold cavity movement, from the cavity plate, and finally under the action of the mandrel by the push plate will plastic pieces out.

3. The use of fixed-mode push plate cut off the point of pouring material mold, the first is the main sub-type sub-type, plastic parts due to the role of tightening force along with the movement of the core, the gate was pulled off Plastic parts follow the mold together to move to a certain distance, due to the role of the distance from the rod to make the template and the middle plate type, due to the role of the pull rod, so that the flow of condensate to stay in the middle plate, when the condensate completely out After the template is set, the set plate is in contact with the limit screw, and the middle plate is moved along with the stopper, and the main runner is pulled out from the mouthpiece.

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