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Talking about the development trend of the current plastic mold

Today is July 12th. In the blink of an eye, halfway through 2018, the vast number of colleagues in Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory, how have you been in the past six months? Anyway, I think the mold is a very physical exercise. If the mold is so lucky, then what is the development trend of it? Today, the editor will take you to see the development trend of the current plastic mold.

Molds serve the parts, that is, the formed products. Therefore, the molds must take the development trend of the parts (formed products) as their own development trend. The molds must meet their requirements. The development trend of the parts is mainly light, exquisite, fast and efficient production, low cost and high quality, each of which indicates the development trend of the mold. A brief analysis is as follows:

   To be lightweight, it will increase the use of plastics and develop new materials, including various new plastics, modified plastics, metal plastics, magnesium alloys, composite materials, etc., which requires new forming processes, and thus requires a corresponding Adapted to the new mold. For example, the use of high-strength panels in automobiles is also increasingly used to reduce weight. Thermoforming of some ultra-high-strength panels and their suitable thermoforming molds have naturally become a trend.

   To be exquisite, it requires a beautiful appearance and no defects inside, which requires fine, precise and high-quality molds to adapt to it. At present, we are very different in terms of refinement, and refinement is often overlooked and falls short.

   Fast and efficient production, this aspect requires the mold company to shorten the mold production cycle as much as possible, and to deliver the mold to the mold user as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is more important to enable the user to use the mold you provide to produce the product quickly and efficiently. For example, multi-cavity multi-piece production, laminating molds, using hot runner technology to shorten forming time and using multi-layer composite technology, in-mold decoration technology, high-gloss non-marking injection molding technology, on-line inspection technology, multi-process composite technology, Multi-row multi-station technology and so on. At the same time, the intelligent shaping process also requires intelligent molds to adapt.

   Low cost, which requires low-cost manufacturing and low-cost supply of molds through the design, processing and assembly of mold production. More importantly, mold users can use molds to achieve low-cost production. This puts higher demands on the mold. Mold manufacturing companies must first make the mold users make money before they can make money. In the process of requiring low cost, whether it is a mold manufacturer or a mold company, continuous improvement of management, and gradually realize information management are the common requirements of the enterprise and the direction of progress and development.

   High quality, to achieve the high quality of the product, must first be the high quality of the mold, the stability of the mold must be good, to ensure the consistency of the product is also good, but also to ensure the longevity. High quality molds are related to technology.

   In addition to the above, many new areas, emerging industries, new parts and individual requirements will continue to impose new requirements on molds. Therefore, the development trend itself is constantly developing.

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