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The mainstream way design of plastic moulds

Plastic moulds in the mainstream of the dow nozzle mouth up to fold and stop at the entrance of a, and the nozzle in one axis, material flow direction does not change. Words today is Sunday, it is the day after the Spring Festival believes that many people still in post-holiday syndrome, and editor of dongguan Plastic mold factory will continue to the mainstream of people continue to plastic mould design.

(1) facilitate flow condensation is expected to pull out from the sprue bushing, mainstream way designed to cone. Cone Angle = 2 ° ~ 4 ° roughness Ra 0.63 or less with the nozzle joint design into half spherical pits, the sphere slightly larger than the nozzle head and a half.

(2) the mainstream way require high temperature resistance and friction, design requirements into removable liner, in order to choose separate with high-quality material processing and heat treatment.

(3) liner die face 5 ~ 10 mm, higher than that of big end and injection machine with fixed template clearance fit, the positioning of blastholes positioning gap role.

(4) the sprue bushing and plastic contact area is larger, because the cavity with the effect of back pressure make the bushing is easy out of the mould, can design the set.

(5) the right Angle type injection machine, the mainstream in the parting surface design, no need to pull out along the axis setting material can be designed into thick cylindrical.

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